Download Ghostrunner : An Amazing Action Experience

Device: PC (Computer)

License: Free

Version: Last version

Creator:  One More Level

Ghostrunner emerges as one of the standout action games of recent times. Developed by the Polish game development studio One More Level in collaboration with 3D Realms and Slipgate Ironworks, this title offers players a fast-paced experience requiring speed, reflexes, and strategy. With its cyberpunk aesthetic and action-packed gameplay, Ghostrunner has managed to capture the attention of many gamers and secure a spot on their favorites list.

Gameplay and Logic

Ghostrunner is played from a first-person perspective and unfolds in a cyberpunk world. Players are tasked with swiftly navigating through levels, traversing obstacles, and engaging in combat with enemies using the protagonist’s proficiency with a katana. The game revolves around utilizing quick reflexes and speed to defeat enemies, solve puzzles, and progress through levels.

The logic of the game is straightforward: it offers gameplay centered around fast and accurate reflexes. As players advance through levels, the difficulty increases, requiring them to make faster decisions and possess sharper reflexes. Additionally, the level design of the game is noteworthy, incorporating elements like wall-running and rooftop traversal to enhance the pace and excitement of the game.


Ghostrunner boasts several positive aspects. Firstly, its visual design and atmosphere are highly impressive. The cyberpunk aesthetic, neon lights, and futuristic details contribute to making the game’s world feel realistic and captivating. Furthermore, the game’s music is atmospheric and immersive, drawing players further into the events unfolding.

The gameplay mechanics are also highly satisfying. The fast-paced action constantly challenges players and draws them into the game. Additionally, the epic battles and boss fights at the end of each level elevate the excitement of the game.


However, Ghostrunner also has its drawbacks. The game’s difficulty level can be frustrating at times, particularly when players find themselves having to restart certain segments repeatedly, which may lead to frustration and reduced motivation. Additionally, the logic of some puzzles in certain sections may not be clear, making it difficult for players to understand their objectives.

Furthermore, the game’s story can be criticized. Character development and story progression sometimes feel superficial, struggling to fully engage players. A deeper narrative and character development could have enriched the players’ experience.



Ghostrunner is an excellent choice for players who enjoy fast-paced action. The game’s visual design, music, and gameplay mechanics are highly impressive. However, its difficulty level and story are subject to criticism. Nevertheless, developed by One More Level and its partners, this title offers unforgettable moments of action and thrilling battles that make it a memorable gaming experience.

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