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Device: Mobile (Telephone, Tablet)

License: Free

Version: Latest version

Creator: Soner Kara Games (skgames)

Traffic Rider (Andorid)

Traffic Rider (Apple IOS – App Store)

Traffic Rider is a mobile motorcycle racing game developed and published by Soner Kara. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, the game offers players a realistic motorcycle riding experience.

Here are the key features of the game:

Realistic Graphics and Sounds: Traffic Rider provides a visually stunning and immersive experience with high-quality 3D graphics and realistic motorcycle engine sounds.

Various Motorcycle Models: The game features a variety of motorcycle models that players can collect or purchase, expanding their motorcycle collections. Each motorcycle comes with unique characteristics.

Different Game Modes: Traffic Rider offers various game modes to cater to different preferences. In Career Mode, players complete different missions and progress to new levels, while in Free Ride Mode, they can ride through traffic endlessly.

Challenging Traffic and Weather Conditions: In Traffic Rider, players will encounter dense city traffic, adding excitement and challenge to the game. Additionally, riding in different weather conditions like rain, snow, and night time further diversifies the gameplay.

Customization Options: You can customize your motorcycle in the game, choosing from various options such as colors, rims, and exhaust systems to make your ride unique.

Leaderboard Competition: Compete with players worldwide and secure your place on the leaderboard for bragging rights.

Exciting Roads to Explore: The game offers a variety of roads and locations in different cities and regions to explore, ensuring there’s always something new to discover.

Traffic Rider provides an authentic motorcycle racing experience for enthusiasts, featuring different game modes, motorcycle choices, and a wide range of roads to ride on. If you enjoy fast-paced racing games in busy traffic environments, you might want to give this game a try.

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